Volakas Marble Quarry
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  • Volakas Marble is named after the village Volakas in Drama in North Greece. This is where our quarry is located. 
    Volakas is a dolomitic marble with a white background and some grey veins.
    It became famous almost immediately and for many years it has been exported worldwide and still continues to play a leading role in the international stone market.
  • In a few short years Gourlis Volakas became a brand well established and recognized, with our marble decorating buildings all over the world. Throughout the years our production and quality control has remained at high standards, with project planning and after-sales services being of equal importance to us. We have been fortunate enough to be part of life-changing renovations and construction in many places around the world, always with humility and professionalism.
  • As the world changes and there is a plethora of information at hand, export companies have to be versatile and full of new products and ideas. Having material directly from own quarry and the total control of the end product paves the way to go nowadays.
  • Our Volakas marble quarry gives us this unique opportunity as well as provides us with a ready source of raw material in the form of marble blocks for companies that want to work with and promote this stone. 

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